President Solih: Modern education required as the world develops

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the function held to celebrate the golden jubilee anniversary of Rinbudhoo School on February 19, 2020. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that modern education is required for children as the world develops.

The President was speaking at the ceremony held last night to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of Rinbudhoo School when he made the remarks and added that the education budget showcased the priority of the administration on the education sector.

Highlighting the most significant responsibility of the education system as shaping future generations of the nation as responsible citizens President Solih said that the education system needs to be strengthened to create a community with the mind and skillset to face the economic and developmental challenges and are focused on developing the nation.

"Modern education is necessary for our children as the world develops in every way. Skilled and technical professions are also developing as part of the educational philosophies. There is nothing that can be done today without knowledge." said the President.

President Solih stated that the Administration’s education policy was centered around building a generation of innovative, creative and skilled citizens and noted the numerous higher education opportunities from universities abroad provided by the administration as a testament to this.

"Skilled and technical work is also learned with education today. One of the most important aspects of school education is understanding the technical skills of students and developing these skills. this is also the most important concept of holistic education." said the President.

President Solih conveyed felicitations on the occasion to past and present students, teachers, and parents of Rinbudhoo School as well.