Solar panels to be installed in council offices across A. A. Atoll

Solar panels installed on a roof of a building.

The A. A. Atoll Council, on Wednesday, announced it planned on installing solar panels in council offices in all islands in the A. A. Atoll.

The A. A. Atoll Council had previously issued an announcement inviting interested parties to submit bids for the project, but later withdrew the announcement citing the need to make certain changes to its plan.

According to the council, a new invitation will be posted soon.

President of A. A. Atoll Council, Mohamed Adam told Sun this Wednesday that the council had initiated the project to cut down the expenditure of local councils in the atoll.

The cost of the project will be borne by the atoll council itself, he said.

The A. A. Atoll Council installed solar panels in its own office building in late 2019.

“The electricity bill of the atoll council previously reached MVR 18,000. But it only reaches MVR 3,000 now” said Mohamed Adam.