550 loan opportunities for higher education announced

Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan speaking at the opening ceremony. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced 550 opportunities for loan applications to study for higher education.

The announcement was made by the Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohamed Hassan in a news conference and can be applied by students currently studying as well as new students.

At the conference the Minister stated that the loan schemes have undergone huge changes,

“One of the main factors of focus of our priority order this time is focused on those in situations of financial difficulties. The second is on providing the opportunity for students in different regions of the country. Students from every electoral constituency will have the opportunity to apply for the loans if they are eligible.” said the Minister.

The Minister also announced that further loan opportunities will be opened later this year.

Areas of loan opportunities.

  • Diploma – 45 opportunities
  • License program – 30 opportunities
  • First Degree – 252 opportunities
  • Masters – 126 opportunities
  • Ph.D. – 10 opportunities
  • Citizens from electoral constituencies – 87 opportunities

MVR 151 is allocated for the loan schemes this year and the Minister added that 11 opportunities were open for specialization in the medical sector. Opportunities for licensing programs such as for aviation pilots and water sports licensing. Opportunities are also open for government sectors.

They include:

  • Water and Sewerage Management
  • Sewerage Management
  • Creative Design
  • Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • Agriculture

The deadline for application is March 9, 13:30.