10 bills drafted, forwarded to President’s Office

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Attorney General’s Office, on Wednesday, announced it had completed drafting 10 bills which will be submitted on behalf of the Maldivian government during the first session of the Parliament this year.

The announcement by AG’s Office regarding the completion of 10 bills follows an earlier announcement by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih that his government planned to submit 56 bills during the first session this year; 36 of which propose amendments to existing laws and 24 bills set to create entirely new laws.

The 10 bills have been forwarded to the President’s Office for review, said the AG’s Office.


  • Mental Health Bill
  • Maldives Police Service Bill
  • Bill on Amendment to Maldives Environmental Protection and Sustainability Act
  • Bill on Amendment to Maldives Import/Export Act
  • Bill on Amendment to Criminal Procedure Code
  • Bill on Amendment to Decentralization of Administrative Divisions of Maldives Act
  • Bill on Amendment to Employment Act
  • Bill on Amendment to Immigration Act
  • Insurance Bill
  • Statistics Bill

The AG’s Office, on Wednesday, also presented the full list of the 56 bills to the Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The 36 existing laws which the government wishes to amend includes the Penal Code, Judicature Act, Judges Act, Child Rights Protection Act, and Counter-Threat and Lethal Weapons Act.

Meanwhile, the 24 bills set to create completely new laws includes Public Transport Bill, Defamation Compensation Bill, Foreign Investment Bill, Evidence Bill, Media Commission Bill, Press Freedom Bill, and Foreign Service Bill.

The number of legislatures with the government aims to submit during the first session of the Parliament this year exceeds the total number of legislatures which the government had pushed in all of last year.

The government, last year, submitted 49 legislatures, out of which 27 were passed.