Embassies request locals to register amid spread of Coronavirus

In this photo taken Jan 24, 2020 and released by Xinhua News Agency, a military medic from the Air Force Medical University prepares to leave for Wuhan from Xi'an, capital of northwestern China's Shaanxi Province. The Chinese military dispatched medical staff, some with experience in past outbreaks including SARS and Ebola, to help treat the many patients hospitalized with viral pneumonia, Xinhua reported. (Zhang Haopeng/Xinhua via AP)

Maldivian embassies in four countries have requested locals living in the countries to register themselves due to the fast-spreading Novel Coronavirus.

The countries include India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.

The virus which originated from Wuhan city, Hubei Province in China has seen the city closed off after infecting more than 1,300 and killed 41 people. The fast-spreading virus raised alarms all over the world after cases were tested positive in countries such as the US, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan.

The most concerning aspect of the disease is that a person can remain infected without showing any symptoms in the first two weeks.

Maldivian embassies in the above-mentioned countries implored locals in these to register at the embassies and take precautionary measures against the disease.

The embassy in Malaysia requested locals to call the hotline +60126557895 for assistance. Those who have not yet registered can do so via a link.

Four Chinese nationals have been tested positive for the disease in Malaysia, which is a country frequently visited by Maldivians.

The Maldivian embassy in India requested locals to contact the consular hotline +919847702554 for assistance and provide the location and emergency contacts. Neighboring India is the country with the highest number of Maldivians and is the most frequented destination for Maldivians for medical purposes and other reasons.

The Maldivian Embassy in Thailand requested locals to call the hotline +66990704405 or register online on the embassy website. Five cases have been tested positive for the virus in Thailand.

The embassy in Japan requested locals to contact the hotline number 4315-4096-080 or contact via the email of the embassy at [email protected] The number of cases tested positive for the virus in Japan is two.

Safety precautions have been implemented in the Maldives as well. The precautions include screening via thermal cameras at points of entry into the country. The Maldivian authorities have also announced that the island of K. Funadhoo will be used as an isolation unit for any cases tested positve.