Education Ministry announces two new schools in Male' area

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali meeting with some students of Izzudheen School on January 12, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Education Ministry has announced that two new schools will be built in Male’ city.

Dr. Aishath Ali, Minister of Education stated in a news conference at the Ministry today that out of the two new schools, one will be built in the land that the Male’ prison is currently located in. There are plans underway by the government to move the prison to the nearby island of Thilafushi.

The other school, according to the Minister will be built in Hulhumale’. Both schools will operate in a single session.

“We have a large area available with the two blocks of Male’ prison and the one next to it.” said the Minister.

The new building of Dharumavantha School will also be built-in Male’ city. The school will accommodate 1000 students when completed and will be built based on a new model. The official work on the building will begin in February, according to

The total number of schools in the Male’ city regions is 16 with the opening of Huravee School in Hulhumale’ last year and Izzudheen School in Male’ city today.

“This is a school shaped for Pedagogy. We want to teach subjects such as workmanship there. If we are teaching this, we will need workshops and studios. The place will be designed in the way how we want to teach. For instance, if we are conducting sports, then there needs to be a way to practice the sport. That is how we are developing the place (school).” said the Minister.