Fire damages 80 percent of a house in Madaveli

MNDF firefighters on the scene of a house that caught fire in Madaveli on January 9, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

A fire that broke out in G.Dh. Madaveli has left a house badly damaged.

Madaveli Council President Hameez Ahmed stated to the “Sun” that the incident happened around 8:00 in the morning in a house named Naares.

Hameez stated that the fire inflicted a lot of damage to the house. MNDF also stated that around 80 percent of the house was burnt down in the incident. No one was injured in the incident according to the authorities.

Photo shows members of the public assisting in extinguishing a fire that left 80 percent of a house in G. Dh. Madaveli damaged on January 9, 2020. (Photo/Azhaat)

MNDF stated that four rooms of the house caught fire and the remaining two rooms of the house were affected by smoke. The fire has now been fully extinguished and Hameez noted the assistance received by the public in extinguishing the fire.

The cause of the fire not been established yet and authorities are at the scene to investigate the case.