Govt. introduces new board to manage Hulhumale' Hospital

Hulhumale' Hospital. The government decided to introduce a body named as the Male’ Hospital Governing Board to manage the Hulhumale’ Hospital on January 6, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The government has decided to introduce a body named the Male’ "Hospital Governing Board" which will manage the Hulhumale’ Hospital.

A statement issued by the Hulhumale’ Hospital today stated that the President had decided that the Hulhumale’ Hospital would be managed by the newly introduced board. Members of the board are yet to be appointed.

Hulhumale’ Hospital was previously managed by Aasandha Company Pvt Ltd, however, the company stopped its operations following an order by the President on December 26, 2019.

The statement by the Hulhumale' Hospital read that the already planned projects to develop and enhance the services of the hospital would not be affected by the move and would go ahead, as well as the Aasandha health insurance services which would still be available at the hospital.

It was recently announced that the hospital would be developed in six areas to prepare for the increase in the population in Hulhumale’. Work to develop and implement these plans were moving at a rapid rate, according to the Hospital.

The Hospital receives and serves an average of 1300 patients per day.