Maldivian child dies after falling from building in Malaysia

Photo shows the capital Kuala Lampur of Malaysia. Many Maldivians frequently visit the country. It is also a country resided by many Maldivians for educational purposes.

A Maldivian child has passed away after falling from a high rise building in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lampur today.

The incident was confirmed by the Maldivian embassy in Malaysia, according to a Foreign Ministry official. A source stated that the child fell from the 21st floor of a building, but this has not been corroborated by the official authorities.

The embassy stated that the age of the child and how the incident happened was now under clarification. The child’s body has now been taken to a hospital.

Since these are the school holidays, Maldivians frequently travel abroad to countries such as Malaysia for vacation purposes. Many Maldivians also live in Malaysia for different purposes such as education.

A Maldivian was found dead in an apartment in Malaysia last month.