New Year’s Eve operation: 65 arrested, 19 detained

Photo shows Police lines drawn across a crime scene. 65 people were arrested on different crimes across the country in a special operation run by the authorities for the new year's eve 2020. (Photo/Police)

Police arrested 65 people in relation to different crimes on the special operation carried out for the New Year’s Eve. Out of those arrested, only 19 remain in custody, according to Police.

The 65 arrested were from the operations carried out in Male’ city, Addu City, Fuvahmulah city, Sh. Atoll, R. Atoll, and G.Dh. Atoll. The highest number of people were arrested from Fuvahmulah city.

23 were arrested from the southern city while 19 were arrested from the capital Male’ city. 15 were arrested from Addu city and six were arrested from Sh. Atoll. One was arrested from G.Dh atoll and R. Atoll.

Those still in detention include two from Addu city, two from Fuvahmulah city, seven from Male’ city, four from Sh. Atoll and one from G.Dh. Atoll.

Police commenced a special operation named “Riveli” in the Male’ city area to prevent criminal activities that were planned among the festivities of the new year celebrations.