STO starts initiative of gift hampers to newborns

State Trading Organization (STO) began gifting each child born in 2020 at IGMH with a gift hamper on January 1. Photo shows the voucher provided by STO to the parents of newborn children at IGMH. (Photo/Twitter/Nuzuha)

State Trading Organization (STO) will gift each child born in 2020 at IGMH with a gift hamper.

An official of STO stated to “Sun” that the company started the initiative today and will gift each child born in IGMH with a gift basket containing a Huggies diaper packet, Huggies wet wipes, and a Devondale milk packet.

Vouchers will be presented to the parents of each child born in IGMH and will be provided with a gift basket once the voucher is presented to the STO pharmacy.

Some media had wrongly reported that the initiative was the government’s pledge to gift every newborn, this was not the case and no date on when the government will start on this pledge is known.

The pledge by the government was to be fulfilled within 90 days, but this has been postponed by the government for several unspecified reasons.

The government pledged to provide “baby box” to every newborn with a baby bedding among other necessities. The pledge was reiterated by the President in the presidential statement on the day he was sworn in.