Inspector of Corrections meets with jailed former President

Inspector of Correctional Services Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu was was appointed to the role in May 2019.

Inspector of Correctional Services Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu has met with the jailed ex-president of the Maldives Abdulla Yameen, who was sentenced to five years in jail after being found guilty on money laundering charges.

Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu visited the Maafushi prison yesterday and inspected the condition of the jail before meeting with prisoners. He tweeted that he had interviewed seven inmates after inspecting the high-security unit and the women’s unit of the prison.

“I also met with the former President Abdulla Yameen,” added Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu.

He stated that the complaints of the prisoners shared with him will be brought to the attention of the Home Minister and would work with the Correctional Services to address these issues.

Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu was appointed to the role of Inspector of Correctional Services in May 2019. The mandate of the post is to assess and inspect the condition of the detainment facilities and report to the Home Minister.