2 injured in road accident in Fuvahmulah

People drive along the ring road of Fuvahmulah City. (File Photo/Sun)

Two people sustained injuries after a speeding motorbike swerved out of control and crashed into the ground in an accident in Fuvahmulah City.

According to the police, the accident took place at approximately 8:24 pm on Monday. The motorcycle had been speeding along the Naibu Thuththu Magu in the direction of the historic Genmihkih – located in Dhadimagu district of the city.

Those injured in the accident have been identified as a 37-year-old male – the driver – and a 19-year-old female – the passenger.

The man was found by the police to be unlicensed.

The man sustained scrapes on his face and the right side of his body, while the woman also sustained scrapes and other minor injuries.

Both were taken to the Fuvahmulah Hospital for medical care.

The accident is under further investigation by the police.