Police deny rumors that officers are in Syria

Some Maldivian women are pictured at the Al-Haul camp in North East of Syria.

Police have refuted rumors that officers are in Syria and Turkey to bring back Maldivian jihadists who traveled to take part in the civil war of the country.

Rumors have been spreading that MNDF and Police officers were in Syria and Turkey to bring back Maldivian jihadists.

Police quelled these rumors with a statement denying that its officers were neither in Syria nor Turkey. Police did, however, confirm that its officers were working with agencies to assess the return of the Maldivians in Syria due to the decision by the government to do so.

The government has decided to bring back the Maldivians and is even working to establish a rehabilitation center in K. Himmafushi for their reintegration into society. The people returning would include women and children as well as men.

Police revealed that a 173 Maldivians were in Syria in the recently held “Viyavathi” conference. 91 percent of these were women and children according to the authorities. Only four men were in a condition to be brought back to the country, according to the authorities.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed stated that the process would take around seven months.