8th Islamic Conference of Health Ministers to be held in Maldives

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen at the opening of the 7th Islamic Conference of Health Ministers in Abu Dhabi on December 15, 2019. (Photo/Health Ministry)

Maldives has been selected to host the 8th Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (ICHM).

ICHM convenes once every two years to discuss priority health issues of Muslim communities and review different aspects of the health status in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member nations, including health developments and situations, concerns, requirements and priorities.

The decision to hold the next ICHM in Maldives was made during the 7th ICHM held in Abu Dhabi from December 15-17.

The 7th ICHM was attended by Maldivian Health Minister Abdulla Ameen who highlighted on the challenges in countering the availability of, and hesitation towards vaccination. He stressed the need for OIC member nations to strengthen cooperation and collaboration in dealing with hesitancy to vaccination, and other health concerns.

“Be it health impacts of climate change and sea level rise, marketing of high sugar beverages and junk foods, novel tobacco products, availability of vaccines and vaccine hesitancy, all require global political will, thinking and concerted action,” said Ameen.

He insisted that efforts at national level can only become fruitful when backed by global political will.

“As, we deliberate on the theme of “Quality Life”, in this meeting, I wish to draw your attention to this very pertinent matter of life-protecting, disease preventing vaccination for our people, and the importance of sustaining vaccine availability and coverage in our countries,” said Ameen.

He said that the Maldivian government faced numerous and daunting challenges, but remained vigilant and committed to promoting inclusivity in proving healthcare to its citizens as it worked on achieving its sustainable development goals for the health sector

The 8th ICHM will be held in 2021.