Hulhumale’ Hospital to open China-sponsored ophthalmology center

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

State-run Hulhuamale’ Hospital is scheduled to open an ophthalmology center with the assistance of the Chinese government.

A spokesperson from Aasandha Company – which manages the Hulhumale’ Hospital – says the ophthalmology center will be opened in January.

The company has also announced plans to organize an ophthalmology camp to celebrate the inauguration of the center.

The camp will be run with the assistance of a team of medical professionals from China, and will provide services such as prescription glasses to correct vision, treatment for glaucoma, treatment for eye problems associated with diabetes, treatment for corneal diseases, and others.

The screening process for patients who want to join the camp is ongoing at the Hulhumale’ Hospital. Patients who wish to obtain appointments for screening have been instructed to contact the hospital at 1417.

Hulhumale’ Hospital has noted a significant increase in the number of patients who obtain services from the hospital due to the boost in the population of suburban Hulhumale’.

The hospital presently serves an average of 1,000 patients per day.