Taxi driver attacked in Hulhumale’, dies from wounds

Crime scene of the murder of a 59 year old taxi driver in Hulhumale' on December 4, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A taxi driver’s body was found in Hulhumale’ last night with multiple wounds inflicted from a sharp object.

“Sun” has learned that the man is Qasim Hassan (59yrs) from A.Dh Maamigili, who worked as a taxi driver.

Police received reports of a man with wounds on Hithigas Magu in Hulhumale around 21:07 last night. He was taken to the hospital around 21:22 where he died 30 minutes later. Hulhumale’ Hospital stated that he had received deep wounds to his neck and hands.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed tweeted around midnight for any with information regarding the shocking murder to come forward and report, after stating that the Serious Crime Department of the Police were investigating the murder along with forensics.

Police conducted random checks on people traveling between Hulhumale’ and the Velana International Airport via the Sinamale’ bridge last night and cordoned off the area of the murder to the public.