Boat attack victim alleged of child marriage arrested

Hammaad Ismail (26 yrs) was arrested by Police on December 1, 2019 after he was released from hospital. Hammaad was attacked on a boat on November 21, 2019. It is reported that he had married a 13-year old girl out of court.

Hammaad Ismail from Fehialige, R. Maduvvari, has been arrested after he was released from the hospital following the attack on him on a boat near A.A Maalhos.

It is reported that Hammaad (26 yrs) had “married” a 13-year old girl out of court and had gotten her pregnant. Police revealed his arrest at a news conference today. His arrest was in connection with the alleged child marriage, according to Police.

Hammaad was attacked by a crew member on the boat named “Jaree” on November 21, 2019. Police also revealed that the boat had three people, including Hammaad on board when the attack occurred.

The third person on the boat told police that he was asleep when the attack occured and woke up in the middle of the attack by the second crew member. He had tried to stop the attack but was told to stay away by the attacker, according to the statement given to Police.

Hammaad had been reportedly thrown into the sea after the attack. He had then swum to the island of Maalhos where he was discovered with serious wounds by residents. Hammaad was transported to Male' for medical care the next day. A few days after the attack, it was reported that Hammaad had married a 13-year old girl out of court.

Police also stated that there were differences in the statements of Hammaad and his attacker, but that they were certain that the attack occurred due to differences in religious ideology between the two.