Renovations prompt N. Atoll councilors to move back to islands

Photo shows the harbor N. Manadhoo, the administrative capital of Noonu Atoll. (Hameedh Joe/Google Drive)

Councilors of Noonu atoll have been forced to attend work at their islands due to renovations that are underway at the statehouse in the capital Manadhoo.

At an emergency meeting of atoll councilors held last Sunday, it was decided that each councilor would attend work and would be based on the islands they represent. A report of the meeting read that councilors currently living in Manadhoo would do so until the renovation works of the statehouse in Manadhoo were finished.

Adam Faiz deputy atoll councilor informed “Sun” that the decision was made after discussing with the Local Government Authority. While the council is formed of four members, only one represents the capital island of the atoll, Manadhoo. The remaining members are from the islands of Holhudhoo, Kendhokulhudhoo, and Velidhoo. These members would start attending work from the island council offices, according to Faiz.

Renovations of the statehouse are set to be completed in 40 days and members will be able to return to Manadhoo by then. The members will meet every Wednesday despite being based in their islands and will also converge in case of emergencies.