Minister Imran: No one could be charged with Dr. Afrasheem's murder based on DDCOM report

Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla responds to questions by parliamentarians on November 26, 2019. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that he was informed by the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) and the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCOM) that there was no one could be arrested or charged in connection with the murder of prominent scholar and politician Dr. Afrasheem Ali.

Minister Imran stated in today’s Parliamentary session that he had met with officials from the PG office and DDCOM on two occasions. The minister had asked the officials to inform him of anyone that could be arrested in connection with the murder.

“The (DDCOM) commission members informed me that it could not be done at the time,” said Imran.

Imran also said that he had responded by giving 24 hours to PG officials, DDCOM officials and a team of Police officers to analyze everything received by the Commission such as statements and reports.

“I met them again after 24 hours and was informed (by them) that there was no chance of bringing charges against a person, or issue an arrest warrant against someone, based on the report,” said Imran.

He also stated that the DDCOM had still not asked for any assistance from Police, who were ready to provide it.

The report by the DDCOM concluded that Dr. Afrasheem was funded and murdered by a group of people with religious and ideological differences. The attack that took place on October 1, 2012, was masterminded by Azlif Raoof from H. Hilton who had reportedly fled the country for war abroad.

The investigation into the murder by Police at the time resulted in a different conclusion. Police found that it was political differences that resulted in the murder of Dr. Afrasheem. This was however, refuted by the DDCOM.