MP Saneef: President targeting to connect Thinadhoo-Kaadheddhoo with bridge

Photo from the meeting that MPs representing G.Dh Atoll had with the President. MP Saneef of South Thinadhoo announced that the President intended to develop Kaadeddhoo into an international airport after the meeting held on November 20, 2019. (Photo/Twitter)

MP for South Thinadhoo in G.Dh Atoll Abdulla Saneef has stated that the President is aiming to connect Thinadhoo and Kaadeddhoo with bridge and revealed a promise by the President to transform the Kaadeddhoo airport in the atoll into an international one.

The MP was speaking after he and three other MPs representing the atoll met with the President. Kaadedhoo is the only airport operating in the atoll. No word of confirmation has been made from the President’s Office regarding the ambitious promise so far.

However, Saneef announced the promise made by the President during the meeting on twitter. He was joined by MP for North Thinadhoo Abdul Mughuny and Madaveli MP Hussain Firushaan at the meeting. Saneef gave more details to “Sun” regarding the promise and also stated the President’s thoughts were centered on connecting Kaadeddhoo and Thinadhoo, the administrative capital of the atoll, with a bridge.

“The President stated that the government had already received a proposal and that it was on the lookout for other interested investors and parties. I believe that official work on the project will be starting sometime next year,” said Saneef who also stated that the President was intending to finish the project by the end of his five-year term.

An aerial shot of G. Dh. Thinadhoo. (File Photo)

The President did promise massive developments to the Huvadhu Atoll in the election campaign last year. One such promise was of an international port and international airport to be developed in the atoll which is one of the biggest in the country.

Former President Yameen had also pledged to develop Kaadeddhoo into an international airport during the campaign. The former President promised to make that dream into a reality within three years and stated that the cabinet was focused on finding ways to increase the runway size of Kaadeddhoo.

Kaadeddhoo is the only operational airport in G.Dh Atoll as of right now. Airports are currently under development in Maavarulu and Faresmaathodaa.