Kegos Cafe: Prepared to cater for any occasion, no matter how small

Kegos Cafe'. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Finding a caterer for a small ceremony or occasion is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most restaurants and caterers hand you a menu to cater to more than 100 guests when you enquire. These menus are also chosen by them, not you.

Well, the haystack just got a lot smaller and so have your problems. Kegos Café has the answers to all these problems.

The cafe, rebranded from the Delish restaurant has a fresh new policy on these occasions. A menu with Indian, Italian. Thai, Sri Lankan and most importantly, local dishes are offered for catering services for less than 15 guests, no matter the location.

Kegos also lightens up the process of menus and prices. A menu than can be chosen by the customers will be priced according to the items on that menu.

The other option, a menu by Kegos will be prepared based on the budget that the customer provides. What’s different about this policy is that the prices are formed according to the needs of the customer.

Kegos Café offers the café for occasions with 30 guests. The café can also accommodate ceremonies with more than 300 guests without a sweat.

With these packages, the fear of not being able to fill the table for small class parties, family get-togethers, birthdays will disappear. These packages can also be utilized for the upcoming hotly celebrated circumcision season.

Other than this, the packages can also be used to cater to small office meetings whether it is in the office or the private room of Kegos café.

For more information regarding the catering services of Kegos, call 3331090 or leave a message on the Facebook page of Kegos café. Customers can also visit the café on Helenbeli Goalhi in Rahdhebai Magu, near Raadha bookshop.