One year to Ibu’s presidency: 8,982 new jobs

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

President’s Office says total 8,982 new employment opportunities were created in Maldives in the first year of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s presidency.

President Solih’s administration is marking its one-year anniversary this Sunday.

Records released by the President’s Office to mark the administration’s one-year anniversary shows 8,982 new employment opportunities were created in Maldives since President Solih assumed power.

The employment opportunities include jobs in the private sector.

The Maldivian administration, through the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Finance Corporation (SDFC) which it opened earlier this year, has issued 147 loans worth a total of MVR 186 million to support startups and small and medium enterprises.

4,120 private businesses, and 71 foreign investments were recorded in Maldives over the past one-year period.


90 new guesthouses were opened across Maldives over the past one-year period, along with it 518 new jobs. The Maldivian administration released MVR 69 million in loans to 37 parties to open guesthouses.


The Maldivian administration opened two 25-ton ice plants – one in Fuvahmulah City and one in A. Dh. Mahibadhoo, and is currently working on opening two more 25-ton ice plants in R. Maduvvari and K. Gaafaru.

The administration also introduced diamondback squid fishing in Maldives. It trained 66 parties on diamondback squid fishing and supplied the necessary resources to seven parties. Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) introduced raw diamondback squid into the market under their signature brand, Fasmeeru, in May.

SDFC has released 17 loans totaling 23 million to SMEs operating in the fisheries sector.


The Maldivian administration has released MVR 14 million loans to agricultural businesses under its loan scheme, Dhanduveri Nafaa, over the past one-year period. It also supplied the resources needed to try out hydroponics at 10 households, along with necessary training to test the method.