Minister Ameen calls on Maldivians to rid the community of diabetes

Minister Abdulla Ameen speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Conference on Revitalizing Public Health. (Photo/Health Ministry)

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen has warned Maldivians to remain alert against diabetes and work to rid the community of diabetes.

The Minister said so in an address given regarding World Diabetes Day and also stated that the number of lives lost to diabetes was increasing day by day worldwide.

“Diabetes is a disease that has a high chance of being eradicated if we are aware and take steps to be safe from it. Attention must be given to remain active and exercise as well as on the food consumption to do this.” said the Minister.

The Minister stated that a 30-minute exercise session and awareness against consuming sugary foods was a must for everyone.

“Taking steps against diabetes by attaining information and being aware of the disease is important to create a community that is free of diabetes.” said the Minister.