Masjid al-Ghufran in Naifaru to be powered with solar energy

Masjid al-Ghufran in Lh. Naifaru. (File Photo/Naifaru Council)

Islamic Ministry has contracted Avi Technologies to install solar panels at the Masjid al-Ghufran located in Lh. Naifaru.

The contracts were signed by Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir and Hassan Yasir from Avi Technologies in a ceremony held at the Islamic Ministry headquarters this Thursday.

Masjid al-Ghufran in Naifaru can accommodate up to 900 worshippers. The project to convert it to a solar-powered masjid is valued at MVR 745,734.33.

It is part of the larger project by the Islamic Ministry to move masjids in Maldives towards green energy sources.

Speaking at this Thursday’s signing ceremony, Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir said the installation of solar panels at Masjid al-Ghufran will cut down the cost of electricity at the masjid by a 50 percent.

Avi Technologies is contracted to complete the project within eight days.

According to Dr. Ahmed Zahir, the Maldivian government plans to convert 10 masjids in Maldives to green energy-powered masjids by end of the year.

Solar panels have already been installed at masjids in F. Dharanboodhoo and H. A. Baarah.