Speaker Nasheed praises budget, expects it to transform country

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed: Speaker Nasheed stated that forming a Parliamentary Commission to investigate the MMPRC scandal was unnecessary while the Presidential Commission was already investigating the scandal in response to a letter suggesting so by Kaashidhoo MP Jabir on November 5, 2019. (Photo/Parliament)

The Speaker of the Parliament has showered praise on the proposed state budget for 2020 of MVR 37.5 billion under debate at the Parliament today.

Nasheed who noted that this was a massive budget also described the budget as a perfect and complete budget for all constituencies.

“Some of you (MPs) may point out that the budget does not include the enclosure (of mosques) or that the breakwater of an island needs to be made bigger. But I am saying this very clearly to the Maldivian citizens, the budget will spend MVR 120 million for each island in the country,” said Speaker Nasheed.

Nasheed noted that the budget was perfect because of the direction it takes towards decentralization and stated the increased funds designated for councils in the proposed budget as well as the opportunity for councils to earn money on its own.

“The whole island is given to the council and the income from the island as well. I will say this, this budget will transform the country,” said Nasheed.

Finance Minister Ahmed Ameer had asked the Parliament to pass the budget as proposed by the government and also described the budget as perfect.

How will the block grants to councils be distributed?

  • Island Councils – 7 percent
  • Atoll Councils – 51 percent
  • City Councils - 51 percent

The changes proposed to the council budgets would see the income of city councils increase by more than 400 percent, atoll councils by more than 150 percent and island councils by more than 140 percent.