Man jailed for forcing a foreign woman into prostitution

Police vehicles pictured outside the Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

The Criminal Court has sentenced a local man to jail for forcing a foreigner into prostitution.

The man jailed is named as Moosa Munthasim from Southcross, S. Hithadhoo. Court information showed that Munthasim lured a Kenyan woman to the Maldives and forced her into prostitution in a guesthouse in Henveiru in 2016.

The woman was brought to the Maldives by Munthasim who gave her the impression that he was a businessman with a wide business between Maldives and Malaysia. Munthasim then forced her into prostitution after taking away her passport.

The Criminal Court sentenced Munthasim to jail for seven years after finding him guilty of forcing someone into prostitution. Human trafficking and prostitution is a significantly persistent issue in the country.