Panel of judges formed for President Yameen’s trial

October 24, 2019: Former President Yameen at a gathering in front of PPM offices in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A bench of judges in the Criminal Court has been formed for the trial of former President Yameen’s money laundering trial.

The bench is comprised of five judges. They include:

  • Judge Ali Rasheed
  • Judge Ahmed Shakeel
  • Judge Mohamed Sameer
  • Judge Ali Adam
  • Judge Hussain Faiz Rashaadh

The formation of judges’ bench by the Criminal Court was requested on two occasions previously by former President Yameen’s legal team. The trial was previously presided over by Criminal Court Chief Judge Ahmed Hailam who was suspended by the Judicial Service Commission on November 5. The suspension of the Chief Judge came shortly before the sentencing hearing in the case.

The JSC is investigating two cases regarding Judge Hailam including a cartoon posted by the judge that depicted the President and Speaker chained up alongside the instigators of November 11, 1988 which resulted in his suspension. The Commission is also investigating a case of a payment of MVR 200,000 received by Judge Hailam from politician Alhan Fahmy.

Judge Hailam’s suspension prompted the legal team of President Yameen to allege that the JSC was influencing the case.