Met: Stormy weather will prevail over next 48 hours

A policeman directs traffic at a street flooded with rainwater in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

Maldives Meteorological Service forecasts the widespread rain and thunderstorms affecting a large part of Maldives to prevail over the next 48 hours.

The current bad weather affecting Maldives is due to a tropical storm between Maldives and Sri Lanka.

According to Maldives Meteorological Service, the storm is expected to gather in strength over the next 24 hours as it heads to the Arabian Sea from the west of Maldives.

“Torrential rain and thunderstorms are expected over a large part of Maldives over the next 48 hours in connection to this storm,” said the service in an advisory it issued this Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a yellow alert is in effect from H. A. Atoll to L. Atoll from 11 am to 3 pm, and a white alert is in effect over the entire country from 12:30 pm to 4 pm.

Maldives Meteorological Service forecasts torrential rain and thunderstorms, with gust of up to 40 miles per hour to affect northern and central Maldives.

The seas are forecasted to be slight becoming moderate during showers in the southern atolls, and moderate becoming rough during showers elsewhere.

Maldives Meteorological Service has warned of possible swell wave surges during high tides, and has advised caution.