Govt. seeks party to demolish Haajaraage over safety concerns

Male' city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Housing Ministry has announced for parties to demolish the old buildings in Male' that might pose a danger to the public. One of these buildings is H. Haajaraage.

The Ministry stated that parties interested in the work can submit proposals for bidding until October 7. Information regarding the project can be attained from the Ministry from 9:00 tomorrow.

The Ministry also stated that if the price of the project is higher than MVR 250,000, a bid security payment of MVR 2500 will have to be deposited and a performance bank guarantee of seven percent from the price will also need to be deposited.

Housing Ministry stated that H. Haajaraage was purchased by the government under the housing scheme. Planning Ministry had stated previously that it had noticed 11 buildings in Male' city that were in conditions posing danger to the public. 

The 11 buildings noted by the Planning Ministry are:

H. Lobby, H. Thanbee, H. Asfaru, M. Aashiyamanzil, M. Buradhamaage, M.Kausaru, M.A Everglory, M.A Kanbaalifaru, H. Haajaraage, H. Ruhdhoshige, and M. Rabeeuvilla.