EPA: Overloaded garbage vehicles will not be accepted

A migrant worker transporting waste onto a truck near WAMCO site. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that vehicles overloaded with garbage against the waste management regulations will not be accepted into the Waste Transfer Stations in Male' and Thilafushi.

An announcement by the EPA stated that the agency had noticed several instances of garbage trucks overloaded. The waste management regulations state that waste should be transported so that its smell does not spread to the surrounding areas and must be covered appropriately without any leakages.

Waste Management Regulations state that:

  • Waste should be covered and protected from water with fully covered with waterproof covers.
  • If the vehicle is used specifically for waste transportation, the vehicle must not have unattached wooden boards or pallets.
  • Vehicles carrying adhesive waste, sand dust or sand must be designed so that dust, water or any other liquid does not leak onto the streets.
A drawing of how vehicles have to transport waste.

EPA has stated that those who fail to heed these regulations will be stopped and action will be taken against them. Waste Management Centers will also not accept vehicles that do not hold up these standards.