Shimhaq to sue Aaron Carter for plagiarism of his artwork

Aaron Carter arrives for his release party for "Fool's Gold" at The Redbury Hotel on April 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (File Photo/Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Local artist Shimhaq says he intends to sue US musician Aaron Carter for plagiarism of one of his artworks.

Aaron Carter is accused of using Shimhaq’s digital rendition of a cosmic lion on his merchandise without his permission passing it off as his own art.

Shimhaq reports to Sun that he is exploring avenues for legal action in response to the plagiarism.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter continues to use the disputed artwork on his website and tour posters.

Shimhaq had confronted Aaron Carter over the issue on Twitter. Though Aaron Carter initially denied plagiarism and said he had bought the image and owned it, he later announced that he was pulling the image.