Noorban wins Bar Council by-election by 4-vote margin

Noorban Fahmy: She has been declared the winner of the Bar Council by-election held to select a executive committee member on September 28, 2019. (Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Attorney-at-law Noorban Fahmy has been declared the winner of the by-election held by Bar Council for the vacancy on its executive committee by a margin of just four votes.

The vacancy on Bar Council’s executive committee had following the resignation of Aishath Shujoon – who now serves as a Supreme Court justice.

Interim results of the by-election held on Saturday show Noorban secured 107 votes, while her sole competitor, attorney-at-law Abdul Salaam Arif won 97 votes.

The by-election had a low voter turnout. 1,487 people had been eligible to vote, but only 202 voted – making for a voter turnout rate of just 13.4 percent.

Noorban is a board director at Pension Administration Office, and is the younger sister of politician and former lawmaker Alhan Fahmy.

The Bar Council’s executive committee is made up of nine members – who, except for the Attorney General, are all electoral positions.

Noorban’s victory changes the composition of the executive committee to:

  • Maumoon Hameed, president
  • Abdulla Muiz, vice president
  • Ahmed Muiz, executive committee member
  • Anara Naeem, executive committee member
  • Anas Abdul Sattar, executive committee member
  • Mohamed Faisal, executive committee member
  • Mohamed Aseel Hassan, executive committee member
  • Noorban Fahmy, executive committee member
  • Ibrahim Riffath, attorney general