Accident involving landing craft leaves three seriously injured

Resort in A.Dh Thudufushi.

An accident involving a landing craft in a resort in Alif Dhaalu atoll has left three people injured seriously.

The accident happened in A.Dhaalu Thudufushi around 18:43 last night, according to Police and left three migrant workers on the landing craft injured. The three people have now been moved to ADK hospital in Male' city for further treatment after being intially treated at the A.Dh Atoll hospital.

An atoll hospital official informed "Sun" that some of the men head suffered head injuries and had even lost consciousness. Police also confirmed that two of the men had received head injuries while one man's hand was crushed in the accident. 

Police reported that the incident happened when the men were trying to raise the front of the landing craft. The accident happened due to a failure of the chain on one side of the loading craft and the men who were injured, were standing on the ramp at the time. The three men were thrown from the impact of the ramp failure and collided with a metal section of the loader, according to Police.