Pres. Yameen's attorney's antics irritate judge in court

Judge Hailam (L) and attorney Asif (R); today's hearing saw the judge advise Asif regarding the tone of his voice.

The judge in former President Yameen's trial Ahmed Hailam has asked the defense attorney of President Yameen to change the tone of his speech at today's trial. 

Judge Hailam stated that President Yameen's attorney was speaking as giving a sermon during the summary statement of the defense. Judge Hailam's statements were directed at defense attorney Adam Asif. An experienced attorney, Asif's tone was noticed as irregular from other court hearings today. 

His statement was interrupted after it lasted more than 30 minutes by Judge Hailam who advised the attorney regarding the matter. 

The exchange between the attorney and the judge.

Judge Hailam: Defense Attorney, please read the statement in a better manner. You are not new to the court, are you? You are not giving a sermon, are you? Attorney Ali Shah and the prosecution also presented their statements. You are not new to the Criminal Court.

Attorney Asif: I am very sorry, it is how my voice is...

Judge Hailam: That is not your voice (how it is). You are not new to this court and this is not the first time you are presenting a summary statement. 

Attorney Asif: I will lower my voice.

Judge Hailam: I am not speaking regarding your voice. Your tone seems to suggest you are reading a sermon. Or playing a drama.

Attorney Asif: Yes please forgive me, Honorable Judge.

After the judge's interruptions, Asif's voice returned to its "normal tone" and he concluded the summary statement after a short while.