Multiple properties in Male’, Addu raided in connection to Rilwan murder probe

Police raid a property in Male' City in connection to the murder of Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla on September 10, 2019.

The police have raided multiple properties in Male’ City, Hulhumale’ and Addu City in connection to the 2014 abduction and murder of journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla.

Rilwan, a journalist from Minivan News (later rebranded Maldives Independent), went missing in the early hours of August 8, 2014.

Commission on Disappearances and Deaths recently announced that it had evidence he was abducted from Hulhumale’ where he resided, forced into a car, put on board a dinghy boat, transferred to another vessel, beheaded, and his body thrown overboard on August 8, 2014.

The police raids this Tuesday began at approximately 6:30 pm.

Police confirm the raids are being conducted to enforce a search warrant issued by the Criminal Court at the request of Commission on Disappearances and Deaths.

The police have concluded its raids on five properties in Male’ City and Addu City, while raids on two additional properties; one in Male’ City and the other in Hulhumale are in progress.

The properties being raided are connected to some of the people named as suspects by the Commission on Disappearances and Deaths in its draft report on its investigation into the case.

They include Shaffaf Mohamed from S. Feydhoo – who the commission’s witnesses place in the backseat of the car Rilwan was forced into after he was abducted; Samith Mohamed from Th. Omadhoo; Ali Shiyam (VB Ayya) – who is suspected of funding  terrorist activities; and Ahmed Aqlyl (Kidu) from S. Feydhoo.

The raids are a joint operation by the police crime investigation command, forensic service department, specialist operations department, and divisional policing command.

Sun's reporters witnessed two people being taken into custody by the police during the raids. However, no official confirmation of any arrest has been issued, as of yet.