Two officers suspended in vehicle smuggling case

Customs seized two pickups, three cars and 16 motorcycles in the operation.

Two officers of the Maldives Customs Service have been suspended after they were caught trying to smuggle in vehicles against the law.

Customs did not state when the two officers were suspended due to the ongoing investigation, however, a media official of Customs stated that they would be suspended until the investigation concluded. Customs busted the vehicle smuggling operation at the end of August. 

The joint operation by Customs and Police saw two pickups, three cars and 16 motorcycles seized. The vehicles were discovered in two containers that were declared as carrying wood. Maldives Ports Limited stated that it had not noticed any involvement of MPL in the case.

The containers were supposed to be emptied on the Consignee site and MPL stated that it had followed the correct process and fulfilled all the procedures in the case.