Teachers Conference in Addu gains massive support

An international Teachers Conference held previously. (Photo/NIE)

The Ministry of Education has stated that it is receiving massive support for the Teachers conference to be held in Addu City on September 4.

The National Institute of Education (NIE) which is organizing the event has stated that all the 250 seats at the conference had been booked three weeks in advance. The conference will be participated by teachers from Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, UK, and Brazil.

Education Development Officer Coordinator Shuhudha Rizvan from the NIE stated that they received a lot of support for the conference paper submissions were opened and around 100 papers were submitted for the conference which after an evaluation was reduced to 98. The NIE is now working on making the papers available through Facebook Live at the event.

The NIE also stated that it is working on organizing keynote speeches from Vice President Faisal Naseem and an assessment and evaluations expert from the UK. Other than this, panel discussions on work conducted to develop the education sector in Asia and the role of the community on child-rearing will also be carried out.