Medical Expo to commence in October

A stall from a previous Medical Expo. (Photo/MV Medicals)

This year's Medical Expo will be held on October 3.

The Expo held by MV Medicals and India's Med Life Asia will be held until October 5, according to MV Medical's Marketing and PR director Abdul Jaleel Hussain.

The Expo will be held in the afternoon till 11 at Dharubaaruge and will be taken part by companies in the medical sector from Maldives, India. Interest for the Expo has also been shown from companies based in Sri Lanka and the Middle East as well, according to Jaleel.

The Expo is held to further develop the medical industry of the country through technology and to allow the public to gain easier access to such services. 

MV Medicals stated that any company in the health industry can take part in the Expo ranging from hospitals, clinics, medical labs, pharmacies, fitness centers, medical information technology, and medical tourism facilitators.