Calls to ease the workload on teachers

Meeting between members of the Teachers Association and officials from the Ministry of Education. (Photo/Education Ministry)

The Teachers Association of Maldives has requested the Education Ministry to ease the workload on teachers and manage things in a more organized manner.

Members of the Teachers Association met with officials from the Education Ministry last Monday to discuss these issues. An official from the Teachers Association stated to "Sun" that teachers have to take part in activities conducted by different associations and institutions day and night. 

"How can we be active for 24 hours? For instance, if a debate is organized by the "Dhivehi Bahuge Academy", teachers would have to take part in it," said the official.

The official also stated that things should be more organized than now and the way things are now, teachers might have to get involved in activities without much of prior notice.

The Education Ministry has sent a circular to schools asking for teachers not to be summoned for work on weekends and public holidays. The circular also stated that teachers can be summoned on special national occasions with the approval of the Ministry.

The Teachers Association has stated that it will on the lookout for breaches of the circular and would take action on such issues.