State to introduce mobile therapist services for children with disabilities

Minister of Education, Dr. Aishath Ali speaks during a press conference on December 20, 2018. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Education Ministry has announced it plans on establishing a team of mobile therapists to provide essential therapeutic services to children with disabilities.

The Education Ministry hosted a press conference to release information regarding its policies this Thursday.

Speaking at the press conference, Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali noted the challenges in access to therapeutic services for children with disabilities.

Aishath said the Education Ministry plans on establishing access to therapeutic services at schools.

“We will initially hire three types of therapists; speech therapists, occupational therapists, and behavioral therapists. We are currently engaged in hiring three therapists,” said Aishath.

She said the therapists will be mobile, and said the Education Ministry was also collaborating with the Gender Ministry to hire more therapists to expand the service.

“The team will be dispatched to locations within Maldives for service on need basis,” said Aishath.

Education Ministry recently trained 24 inclusive education coaches in its bid to promote inclusivity within the Maldivian education system.

The 24 inclusive education coaches are being dispatched across the Maldives to provide training to teachers and parents.