4 Civil Service Commission audit reports sent to parliamentary floor

Public Accounts Committee meeting held today. (Photo/Parliament)

The Public Accounts Committee has passed to send four audit reports of the Civil Service Commission to the parliamentary floor.

The four audit reports in question are the reports from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

The Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday investigated and questioned the heads of the Civil Service Commission regarding the issues raised in the audit reports of the Civil Service Commission. The Public Accounts Regulations state that any project that is in the range of MVR 25,000 and MVR 1.5 million should be opened for bids. 

The Civil Service Commission's audit reports have shown that the Commission conducted a project of MVR 34,590 and gave it to a contractor after dividing it into three separate phases and without any bid openings. The audit reports state that this is an act that encourages corruption. This was the main issue talked about in today's committee meeting.

The issue was most vigorously debated by Dhaandhoo MP Yaugoob Abdulla. He stated that the actions of the Civil Service Commission was unlawful and thus a solution for it must be found. He also noted that if this issue was not addressed, it would allow other institutions to also conduct business in the same manner by splitting projects into phases.

"I feel that this should at least be brought to the attention of the Anti . Corruption Commission," said MP Yaugoob.

The MP for North Kulhudhuffushi, Yasir Abdul Latheef supported Mp Yaugoob's recommendation and stated that rules and regulations existed for a reason and even though the amount is not much, the actions of the Civil Service Commission was conducted wrongfully. Vilufushi MP Ahmed Afeef also supported MP Yaugoob's assertion that letting this go would allow other public offices to do the same.

However, some members also stated that the Civil Service Commission has stated that it will not repeat such actions and that the funds in question were not an extensive amount. Their words hinted that they did not wish to send the issue to the Anti Corruption Commission.

Some members suggested resolving the issue of dividing projects separately from the case of the Civil Service Commission and suggested to bring the threshold for bid openings higher.

Maradhoo MP Ibrahim Shareef suggested sending the case to the parliament following the recommendations of the Auditor-General. This was supported by Felidhoo MP Fazul Rasheed. The majority of the committee agreed and voted to send the case to the Parliament.