21 cases of theft reported in Hulhumale' last week

Hulhumale'. (Photo/ Sun/ Fayaz Moosa)

There were 21 cases of theft reported last week, the Hulhumale Police Station has revealed. 

Hulhumale' Police Station has today published the statistics regarding the cases it has investigated last week and it has shown that apart from the 21 cases of theft reported to the station it also was also reported with two separate incidents of mugging.

Nine cases of road accidents were reported to the station with a further 86 incidents involving people driving without licenses. Seven cases of driving with headsets on or driving while on the phone were also checked by the police.

143 people were fined regarding traffic violations last week while 401 vehicles were checked by the police. Six cases involving drugs and seven cases regarding foreigners were reported while one person was fined in a case of smoking in a prohibited area according to the statistics published by the Hulhumale' Police Station.