Waste management projects for two islands announced

Projects to build two waste management centers in two islands have been assigned. (Photo/Sun)

The construction and management of waste management centers in two islands has been contracted to private companies.

In addition to these two centers, the project to upgrade and develop the waste management center in Ungoofaaru of Raa Atoll was also assigned to a private company. At a ceremony held at the Ministry of Environment, the agreements to carry out these projects was signed by Environment Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan.

The two islands where the waste management centers will be built and developed are Hithaadhoo and Dhonfanu in Baa Atoll. According to the agreement, Vehicon Private Limited will be expected to finish the project in Dhonfanu within 120 days. Vehicon Private Limited was also given the project to upgrade and develop the waste management center in Ungoofaaru for MVR 800,000 within 120 days. The center in Hithaadhoo is to be developed by LF Construction Private Limited for MVR 1.7 million within 90 days.

After the signing ceremony, the Minister stated that these agreements were a part of the government’s efforts to try and tackle the issue of waste management that the country is facing. Minister Hassan also stated that he believed that due to these projects the difficulties in waste management in these islands will be solved and can start operating in a more environment friendly manner. The Minister also gave information for more of these projects to be carried out in other atolls in the future and that the surveys needed for these projects are currently being carried out.

These projects are funded under the free aid of the World Bank’s Maldives Clean Environment Project.