Coastguard advises caution to seafarers as severe weather conditions prevail

The Coastguard has advised caution to seafarers over severe weather conditions in Northern and Central Maldives. (File Photo/MNDF)

The Coastguard has advised caution to seafarers following the severe weather warning issued by Maldives Meteorological Service over a large part of Maldives this Thursday.

The Coastguard, in a statement this Thursday afternoon, noted that surface winds will be southwest/westerly 15 – 25 miles per hour in central and northern atolls, and winds may gust 45 - 50 miles per hour during squally showers.

The agency has advised seafarers not to plan any journeys before obtaining the latest weather updates from Maldives Meteorological Service.

It has also advised seafarers inform relevant parties prior to embarking on journeys, and check that all safety equipment including life jackets, communication systems, and water pumps are in working order prior to embarking on journeys.

Extra caution has been advised for seafarers during night time.

The Coastguard says it has received a large volume of incident reports from boats; including reports of engine failure, flooding, and pump malfunctions, due to the current severe weather.

The agency has warned cargo boats against overloading, and diving and other watersports organizers against planning activities without obtaining the latest weather information.

Owners of boats docked at lagoons and the open sea have been urged to give special attention to preventing the boats from flooding and any other possible damage due to the weather.

Coastguard has advised seafarers to report any incident at sea to the agency at its toll free number 191 as soon as possible.