Higher education loans awarded to 163 students

Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan speaks to press at the President's Office on July 14, 2019. (Photo/Sun)

Higher Education Ministry has awarded loans under the State’s student loan scheme to 163 students.

Higher Education Ministry opened application for 163 student loan slots on June 11. This marks the first time for the loan issuance to meet the offered number of slots in recent history.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President’s Office this Sunday, Higher Education Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said the office was able to award the loans to the allocated number because fewer applications were disqualified for failing to meet its application submission policy.

“The application forms for the loan submitted this time were extraordinarily perfect, and of high quality,” said Dr. Ibrahim Hassan.

Only 79 students were awarded loans for the 586 slots announced in March. Higher Education Ministry announced at the time the low rate of award of loans had been due to many applications being rejected for failing to meet the office’s policy for application submission.

Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said the Higher Education Ministry, this time, made its application submission policy well-known and reviewed and notified applicants of any violations three days ahead of the deadline.

Of the 163 slots; 79 were awarded to new students and 84 were awarded to current students.

The names of the students awarded the loans have been published on the Higher Education Ministry’s website.