Flight operations at Kaadedhdhoo Airport temporarily halted

G. Dh. Kaadedhdhoo Airport. (File Photo)

Flight operations at G. Dh. Kaadedhdhoo Airport has been temporarily suspended.

The suspension was put in place at 1 pm this Tuesday following a technical issue with the airport’s fire truck.

Director-General of Regional Airports, Saamee Ageel reports the airport suspended only its flight operations, as is providing all other services.

“Flight operations have been temporarily suspended due to a technical issue with the fire truck,” said Saamee.

He said that officials at the airport were working on resolving the issue, and expected to be able to lift the suspension in approximately two hours.

Kaadedhdhoo Airport is the first airport to be developed in Huvadhoo Atoll. Management of the airport was originally contracted to Villa Group in 2013 – but later repossessed by the State in 2017.