3 senior pilots at Maldivian Airlines resign over grievances

File photo of a Maldivian Airlines flight. (File Photo/Sun/Ali Naseer)

Three senior pilots at Maldivian Airlines have resigned in protest over grievances.

An official from Island Aviation – which operates the national airline – confirmed the resignations to ‘Sun’.

One of the pilots, Head of Training and Standards and Deputy Head ATO Captain, Mohamed Shinaz reported to ‘Sun’ that he has already resigned from his post as Head of Training and Standards Department, and has served three-month notice to resign from his post as a pilot at Maldivian Airlines.

“I made the decision to resign in face of difficulties in executing my duties due to the current circumstances of the company,” said Shinaz.

The resignation of Maldivian Airline’s top three pilots comes after Mohamed Ameen, the Director of Flight Operation of Maldivian Airlines, was relieved of his duties following protests by the airline’s pilots.

‘Sun’ has been informed the three senior pilots rendered their resignations to express their displeasure to relieve Ameen of his duties.