IA constricts authority of Ameen over pilots following complaints

Mohamed Ameen, Director of Pilot Operations of Island Aviation. (File Photo)

Island Aviation has placed contractions of the authority of Mohamed Ameen, Director of Pilot Operations of the national airlines, Maldivian, following a strike by the company’s pilots.

IA’s pilots, last Sunday, had announced a strike and demanded Ameen’s dismissal.

‘Sun’ is able to confirm news reports of Ameen’s dismissal as false.

IA has neither dismissed nor suspended Ameen, but has constricted Ameen’s authority over pilots as it holds discussions with the pilots for a peaceful resolution to the issue.

“Ameen remains in the same post. The work of the department has been shared among other officials. There are no changes to Ameen’s responsibilities either. But some of the work related to the pilots have been handed over to other officials,” reported a source from inside IA.

Though the pilots had warned they will not report to duty this Monday unless Ameen is dismissed, Communications and PR Manager of IA, Moosa Waseem says all pilots reported to duty as scheduled.

He also provided assurance the issue will not result in any disruptions to domestic air travel.

Ameen has been accused of using foul language in his communications with his staff and of discrimination.