PPM to receive funds after deducting fine

File photo of a gathering by Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) at Alimas Carnival, Male' City. (File Photo/Twitter)

Elections Commission has instructed Finance Ministry to release funds to political parties after setting off any outstanding fines.

Four political parties – Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Jumhoory Party (JP) and Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) are to receive funds from the State this year. The previous list of parties to receive funds by the EC did not include PPM.

Member of EC and spokesperson Ahmed Akram said that they have instructed Finance Ministry to send funds to political parties including PPM. He said that the funds will be sent after deducting the fined amount from the total amount of funds the parties are to receive.


  • MDP – MVR 12.7 million
  • PPM – MVR 9.28 million
  • JP – MVR 2.5 million
  • MDA – MVR 2.03 million

Two parties that have to pay fines. They are MDP - which has to pay MVR 60,000 and PPM - which has to pay MVR 95,000.

EC states that both MDP and PPM will receive their funds after deducting the fine amount. 

The State will distribute total MVR 26 million among the four political parties.